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Myofunctional Therapy (CMT)

Myotherapy means 'muscle' therapy. It is a form of canine remedial massage including a range of massage techniques and stretches. 

Who can myofunctional therapy help?

CMT works by utilising the body's own healing properties to help reduce the likelihood of injury, decrease inflammation, injury recovery and for general wellbeing or mainetnance.

  • Post-surgery and Conservative management of injuries

    • Quickens recovery and return to normal function post surgery, helping to reduce swelling and inflammation. 

    • Massage helps to even out the effects of compensation due to injury

    • Encourages weight bearing on injured limbs

    • Helps re-integrate function after periods of inactivity or reduced activity.

  • Repetitive strain injuries (very common with dogs who go to the park regularly, run frequently or live very active lifestyles)

    • Helps relieve muscle tension, reduce swelling and increase recovery time, help prevent further injury.​

  • Stressed/anxious dogs

    • Massage invokes the dog's parasympathetic nervous system, making them feel calm and safe. It releases tension built-up by anxiety.

Benefits of massage

  • Relieves muscle tension and muscle contraction (due to muscle strain or injury)

  • Increased range of motion, often lost due to injury or old age

  • Improved circulation of blood and lymph

  • Improved mental state

  • Helps reduce chance of injury

  • Arthritis management​

  • Lubrication of fascia

  • Improved lymphatic and blood flow - eliminates wastes more effectively

Did you know?

Massage isn't just for dogs with serious injuries!

Massage can be preventative too, and can beneit dogs of all ages. Here's how each age group can benefit:

  • Young​

    • Rough play and consistent vigorous exercise can often lead to repetitive strain injuries, or tight and conteracted muscles​

  • Middle aged

    • Helps reduce the likelihood for muscular injuries, and help recover from any issues that have developed over the past few years.​

  • Seniors

    • Arthritis management, injury prevention, staying mobile and independent, regian flexibility.​

How will my dog feel after a myofunctional therapy session?

Owners will often report:

  • Sudden increase of energy following the session

  • More mobile

  • Less restless at night

Long term:

  • More able to do every day activities with ease: 

    • Moving to/from bed, couch, sitting to standing​ etc

  • Less resistant to touch

  • Improved fur quality

  • Increased weight bearing on injured limbs

  • Overall a more natural postural shift

  • Softer/less tense muscles

  • Improved temperament overall

Every dog responds differently to treatment.

When can't my dog get a massage?

  • Vomiting

  • Diahhroea

  • Skin conditions

  • Haematoma

  • Infection requiring antibiotics

  • Pregnancy - only allowed in 2nd trimester provided the dog has received massage before

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